How To Highlight Your Style With A Bow Tie

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If you are a true bow tie lover, you might be aware of the fact that 28th August is celebrated as National Bow Tie Day. There is no doubt to say that bow ties have earned huge respect from historical days and today as well, they are the most respectable trend in the men’s fashion list. However, many people fail to wear them accurately and lose the impact that otherwise this classic piece of accessory can lead with your personality.

Below we have highlighted a few tips for wearing a bow tie in a more effective way to make a statement with your attitude and confidence:

Create a balance:

While making a selection for the bow tie on a special occasion, it is good to follow the rule of thumb. Experts reveal that a milder shirt looks more effective with a bolder bow tie and vice versa. You will be able to leave a unique impression of your personality by combining simple bow tie with braver suits and shirts whereas the loud bow ties look more attractive on the muted outfit.

The key to perfection:

The perfection of a bow tie is actually reflected with its imperfection in shape. Yeah! You need not stress more about its symmetry and shape because the perfect now tie knot is actually more asymmetrical, slightly lopsided and virtue of imperfections. The true fact is that it showcases elegance with a hidden carelessness and that is the most beautiful thing about bow ties.

When you should wear a bow tie:

Well! Here is an important question, and every man needs to know the answer to maintain the perfect impression of his personality. A common saying reveals that bow tie should not be worn for the funerals. Otherwise, you can wear a bow tie for all those occasions when you are not in a mood to wear a necktie. It suits for formal events, weddings, office gatherings, religious services and even for brunch.

Mind the shape and fabric:

While buying your bow ties from, it is always important to pay more attention to its fabric, and it usually depends upon the type of occasion that you are planning to attend. Experts say that linen, cotton, and seersucker bow ties are the best choice for casual events whereas wool and silk suit for formal occasions. On the other side, the butterfly bow tie is the best choice for most occasions as it represents a traditional shape whereas the club around is the other choice for trendy people.

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