How To Pair Tie Bars/Clips With Ties

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Ties are the essential accessory for your wardrobe but never forget to pair them up with the best set of Tie bars and Tie clips. Note that tie bars are the substitute for tie pins/clips which otherwise cause holes in the tie fabric. In actual, this tiny accessory is designed to hold your tie perfectly on your body so that it doesn’t fall into your busy routines. Most people prefer to use black and silver tie bars with their ties for formal occasions; but in actual, there are countless color and design options in the market. You can easily pick a classic and bold combination from Gentlemen.Clothing to reflect the uniqueness of your personality.

Skinny Tie + Mini Bar/Clip:

If you are a skinny person with a narrower chest, you might have a wide collection of skinny ties. Now you must be thinking about buying the best tie bars to maintain the grace with your style. Well! It is better to look for the smaller tie bar; around 1-inch width is sufficient for your narrow tie. To look more stylish, we advise you to pick a sleek silk tie with an attractive silver bar.

Foulard Tie + Classic Bar/Clip:

So, you own a pattern rich, floured tie? It can be easily paired up with a classic tie bar to make your personality shine in the crowd. Most experts advise using a standard size gold or silver tie bar with 1.5 inches to 2 inches dimension that can capture the attention of people towards your style. In order to pair it up with your attire, prefer to match the metals with the tie bar and let it create a unique impression in a natural way.

Navy Tie + Nautical Bar/Clip:

Most people find it difficult to pair up the novelty tie bars/tie clips with their neckties. If you too own the same, try a classic staple, navy tie with the nautical tie bar. This foolproof combination will add a unique touch to your personality.

Contrasting Tie + Bright Bar/Clip:

Here is a perfect combo for creative people. You can pair up a bright tie bar with some attractive color rich contrasts of a tie. It serves the purpose with both matte and shiny fabrics. The two-tone appearance looks eye-catching with a perfect visual cohesion that can reflect best out of your looks. It suits to special occasions as well as for the meeting rooms.

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