What You Need To Know Before Buying Mechanical/Hand Wind Pocket Watches

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Are you planning to buy the best collection of mechanical/hand wind pocket watches to reflect your style? That’s definitely a great idea. But in order to choose the best product from Gentlemen.Clothing store to meet your personal requirements, it is first important to know a few interesting facts about these watches.

Types of pocket watches:

There are basically two types of pocket watches; however, many others are evolved with time. The traditional collection includes “mechanical wind” and “hand wind” pocket watch. Earlier, people were more attracted towards hand wind watches due to their incredibly engineered design; but they need human efforts to run. With time, experts invented automated pocket watches, and they are also named as automatic or mechanical watches. They do not need any force from humans rather they follow the wearer’s motion automatically. This motion keeps on proving essential power to the watch without requiring any manual winding. But in order to keep this watch in working condition, a person needs to wear it in routine otherwise its reserved power goes down only within 36 to 72 hours. 

As compared to the hand wind watches, the mechanical ones are easier to maintain. But the workmanship required to design these watches demands extensive knowledge and precision as well. However, many collectors even prefer to look for the hand wind watches as they are the true reflection of tradition and add a sensational touch to the wearer’s personality.

There are several types of hand wind watches; people used to buy key wind/ key set watches at early days. In order to keep them in working condition, wearer used to open the case back, insert the wind key and set the arbor to accurate time. After that, in the 1850’s, people got attracted towards stem wind/ stem set watches. Users were able to wind them with a key that is directly applied on the dial. Later, stem wind/lever set, and stem wind/pin set watches became popular. But today, least people are interested in using hand wind watches; rather they look for the automatic ones. Mechanical watches are the great choice for current generation; moreover, they look beautiful and unique as well. You can find many incredible pieces of Mechanical/hand wind pocket watches at Gentlemen.Clothing store. They are available at a budget-friendly price and can be ordered from any corner of the world.

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  • They are theives. Ordered a pocket watch on December 16th 2022. I have not received it. They refuse to answer emails or text messages. After several attempts to contact them, I have had to go and seek a refund through my credit card company and hopefully they get them for fraud. Do not buy from these scam artists.

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  • Did tell me a damn thing

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