How to Choose Right Sunglasses and Eyewear For Your Face

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The summer season is about to come; it is time to fill your wardrobe with some cool clothing and attractive accessories that can reflect your personality with a unique style. With a long list of summer essentials, how can we forget to talk about having the perfect pair of eyewear or sunglasses? It is your best companion for all beach visits, camping and hiking tours.

Although you can find a wide collection of sunglasses and eyewear online, while making a selection for one, it is good to consider your facial features. Sunglasses & Eyewear are available in a variety of shapes and size; buyers simply need to choose the one that meets their summer needs in best possible manner.

Choosing eyewear is almost the same as choosing a haircut; the decision is completely based upon what suits the best on your face. Below we have highlighted a few details about how to select best sunglasses or eyewear for your face. Hope! It will help you to make a right selection during your summer shopping hours:

Sunglasses/Eyewear for square face:

Those who have a square face shape with wider cheekbones and prominent jawline are advised to avoid eyewear with a sharp outline. Stronger facial features demand sunglasses with wider frames. However, if you want to complement your cheekbones and jawline, you may need sunglasses with rounded edges.

Sunglasses/Eyewear for round face:

In case if you have a round face shape, you may need a pair of sunglasses that can give more definition to your features. It is better to avoid sunglasses with round or small size as they will make your face appear rounder. Instead, it is better to search for a pau with angular frames that can complement your face with an attractive appearance.

Sunglasses/Eyewear for oblong face:

People with a narrow or thin face such as oblong shape are advised to find eyewear that can highlight their facial features. The best idea is to look for something round or square shaped and go for the oversized frames with some angles. The retro and aviator styles are the more suitable choice for an oblong face.

Sunglasses/Eyewear for oval face:

So, you are the lucky one with oval face shape; it means you need not to mess with the selection of right sunglasses. You will look perfect in almost all styles and frames; so, you can experiment with any unique collection from Gentlemen.Clothing store.

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