How to converse like a gentleman?

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Handling a conversation with others is an art and it shows your abilities to tune on other’s frequency. It doesn’t mean that you should try to be like everyone who meets you on the way rather it is a way to present yourself in such a way that people love to converse with you because your thoughts and style appear appealing to them. Today’s generation prefer to converse only on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks like this but it is high time to learn the tricks to converse like a gentleman in your real life too.

Making connections with others is an art and everyone needs to learn it to develop great social connections around. If you are at a learning stage then below are few essential tips for you to add this quality to your lifestyle and make an impression like gentleman on everyone you meet ahead.

  1. The common connection:

When you converse with someone then always try to follow the common connection. Talk about things that other person would love to listen; means you have to follow their interests to develop a healthy communication and a relation as well.

  1. Share similar hobbies:

Indeed, it is true that two people cannot always have same hobbies but at least we can initiate a conversation about similar hobbies so that it seems interesting to the listener he/she love to talk to you more. It is a way to attract people towards you because they find you knowledgeable with similar kind of personality.

  1. Stick on current topic:

It is always good to focus on current topic for conversation rather then just making jump from one point to another that does not form a connection together. When you have an open communication with other person and it use to be about the same topic that you both wanted to discuss so far then conversations seems to more fruitful.

  1. Know what to talk:

It is really important to talk carefully. Always be conscious about the words that you say to others and it should not at least annoy them. A gentleman never hurts others rather he/she follows the rule of happiness around. Make your talk more gentle with your gentleman apparels.

  1. More listening, lesser speaking:

This is the thumb rule for a gentleman like personality. One need to pay more attention towards what others are saying instead of always speaking. When you give importance to other’s thoughts then people start valuing your personality and ideas too.

  1. Break the connection with phone:

Most of people these days are addicted to their phones and they keep on using them even when others are sharing some thoughts with them. This is really a bad habit and must be changed soon. Prefer to break the connection with this virtual world and take a look to the real world around you.

  1. Be yourself:

Yeah! You need to be yourself. Do not lose your personality while pleasing others. Stay positive, stay confident and face the world with a unique impact of your gentlemen personality. Use good stuff of gentleman accessories to enhance your style.

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  • Not credible.
    This article has many grammatical and syntax errors.
    Which is a reflection on your company.
    For instance, here in New York City, the financial, media, art and fashion capital of the world, we have a conversation with someone one. We do not “conversate” a person.
    You get an A for effort. But, what other errors and mistakes will your company make?
    Before you write and post an article on giving anyone advice on how to hold a conversation, have a qualified person read it first.

    Gordon Kelly on
  • One observation I would make relates to profanity. . our modern society has forgotten how to really express themselves and replace communication with generic but offensive profanity.
    A. Gentlemen in my opinion trains himself not to use profanity in common speech. It shows a erudite mind respect for HIMSELF and most importantly respect to those he speaks to.

    Bradley Ritterhouse on

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