How to dress like a gentleman? Dress to impress

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Men invest thousands every year on clothing, shoes, coats and other dressing accessories. The act of unbuttoning your shirts, rolling your sleeves and donning a pair of matching shoes comes naturally to some people but for some it’s a biggest headache to get everything right and matched.

Some people though wearing the best quality shirts and accessories look mis-matched because of the wrong selection of colors and faulty teaming up of clothes. There is a certain technique of folding your coats in a way they don’t wrinkle and a particular way of wearing shoes or loafers. The fashion industry has always had certain norms about dressing right and like a gentleman and below mentioned are a few tips to help you dress like a gentleman. Right dressing will not only save you from embarrassment but you will end up looking like a fashionista with right clothing:

  • Pack your suit in a way that it does not wrinkle: Wrapping your coat or suit in tissue paper and placing it in a bag prevents it from wrinkling. You can remove it anytime you want and wear it without having to get it ironed.
  • Roll your shirt sleeves properly to prevent them from unfurling: Do not roll the cuff upwards, instead flip it back and pull it below the elbow. Next take the bottom portion and fold it up in a way that it traps the cuff. This method also prevents the cuff from unrolling again and again.
  • Rules of buttoning a jacket: The top button of a jacket can be buttoned sometimes, the middle one should always be buttoned as it pulls the jacket all together and the last one should never be buttoned as it spoils the flare of the jacket.
  • Shoes and suits should always be matched: Wear casual shoes like boat shoes or casual sneakers if you are wearing shorts. Oxfords look amazing with a formal look with jeans and sneakers look great with a casual look with jeans. Loafers look great with casual chinos. Formal trousers look great with formal laced up or side strap shoes.
  • Invest in good quality shoes: These will stay intact for longer and will not fade, warp or crackle. They also help in maintaining good shape and health of your feet. Make sure that you do not wear shoes that are warped, cracked or torn.
  • Hang your suits and jackets: In cedar wood hangers as they help in retaining the shape and also prevent moths and moisture to harm your suits. You can easily hang your coats on the rods in your cupboards and they will stay unwrinkled and ready to wear like this always.
  • Sweater rules: Fold your sweaters instead of hanging them else they lose their shape. One should follow this hack for tees too. Knitted material and sweaters easily become shapeless if hung on a hanger for long.
  • Loafer socks: Loafer socks are a must with loafers as they soak up sweat and dirty odor. These also look cool when you want to don that no socks look. They do not show outside and actually soak all your sweat and moisture from inside.
  • Cufflinks: Cufflinks look great on shirts for formal occasions. One need not invest in very costly ones. Good quality cufflinks at low prices can be sourced from Gentleman.Clothing.

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