Tips for preserving your clothing investment

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People spend thousands every year on clothing. Kids need to replace their clothes because they quickly grow out of it soon but adults can easily hang on to the same clothes if they are maintained properly. Maintaining or preserving your clothes properly also enables you to save more money as you don’t have to keep on buying clothes.

There are a few tips which will help you maintain the whiteness and sparkle of your clothes for longer thereby helping you preserve your clothing investment:

  • Invest in quality clothing: You don’t have to invest in very costly garments to ensure quality. Some low cost garments are also available in good quality. Remember to spend on clothes which are evergreen and will not quickly go out of fashion. Formal office wear or jeans can be of high quality and a bit more pricier as these will last longer. You can source quality clothes from Gentleman.Clothing at low prices.
  • Do a break up of your clothing budget: Divide your clothing budget by keeping aside a larger sum for quality and pricier clothes which will last longer and a small part of the budget for fashionable clothes in low rates. This way you can dress up in fashionable clothes whenever the occasion demands and you will not feel as if you are not following the current trend.
  • The following set of clothes can be a little pricier as these will last longer: Thicker fabrication and better tailoring like in suits ensures the high quality of some clothes like a two-piece business suit, a pea coat, comfortable shoes, a pair of well-fitting jeans and some crisp formal button-up shirts. One can invest on these clothes as they naturally last longer due to better quality.
  • Laundry: Look for the laundering details for each pair of clothing and wash them accordingly. Hand washing clothes which are meant for dry-cleaning will spoil them instantly. Spending a few bucks on occasional laundry services will ensure longevity and quality of your costly clothes and you won’t need to purchase them again and again.
  • Home wash: Washing at home also has it’s ifs and buts. If some clothes can be washed in the washing machine, there are a few which are quite delicate and can be washed only by hand. Some clothes cannot be hard washed and only need soaking. Even while washing clothes in the machine, remember to soak the colored and whites separately to avoid color bleeding and leakage.
  • A drying rack is a must: Drying your clothes in a clothes dryer means an end to a lot of clothes which need to line-dry only. The severe heat and mix up clothes in a cloth dryer renders some clothes spoilt or totally wrinkled. Read the drying instructions properly before drying any clothes.
  • Bleach: While bleaching white clothes whitens them and brightens them, remember to do it separately from colored clothes else you will end up ruining all your clothes. Bleaching also cannot be done on all white fabrics as it is very strong. Some white clothes with delicate fabrics can get spoiled by bleach.

 Iron clothes with care after reading their ironing instructions. Practice good hygiene which will ensure that you sweat less and hence your clothes need not be washed often. Make sure to mend or sew any repairs instantly to maintain the quality of your clothes. Store clothes properly in your cupboard.

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