How to tie a tie?

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Tie is one of the most essential part of male grooming. Every man should have a collection of tie in his wardrobe but at the same time it is important to learn the techniques to tie it uniquely. Yeah! There are so many unique methods to wear a tie; below you will find detailed steps to wear a tie with three different techniques:

Simple Knot:

This is the most basic and simplest style to tie a tie but it looks good on a decent suit color. This technique is popularly used in China. It appears little asymmetric with compact look and impressively lean towards the bottom active end. If you need extra length on your suit then this tie will suit you better.

Steps to follow:

  • It is good to start by holding back side of the tie. Keep the wide portion of the tie in right hand side whereas the small end must be kept in left end.
  • Ensure that small portion of the tie rests exactly over your belly button. You need to move the wide end only.
  • Pick wide end and put it under the small end of left side.
  • Now you need to across the small end of tie to right side.
  • Create a loop upwards.
  • Now take it down via the loop that you have just created on front side.
  • It is time to pull down the wider end of tie in order to tie the knot. Make some adjustments and it is all done.

Murrell Knot:

This knot is popular since 1995 and it is a classic version of Windsor knot but it appears little complicated. You will definitely love the way it creates a layered look on your suit. This know use to be small, wide and triangular.

Steps to Follow:

  • Pick the small end of the tie with your right hand and the wide end must be kept on left side. Note that the wide portion of the tie must lei below the belly button and you need to move the small end only.
  • Put the small end of tie on the wide end towards left direction.
  • Now take the active portion upwards to create a loop from underneath and take it down towards left side.
  • Take it to back side of the wide end from right direction.
  • Take it to the center portion into the neck loop.
  • Via this neck loop, take it downwards into right direction.
  • Now across the front portion towards left.
  • Take it up to the recently created neck loop.
  • Bring it down via loop.
  • Now just tighten this knot by simply pulling it down. Make some adjustments and slide the knot up to create a fine look. how to tie a tie murrel

These are some of the most popular ways to tie a tie and they can be used on every suit. You can prefer to create these knots for business meetings as well as parties.

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