How to act like a gentleman?

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While a good body language, dignified speech, fresh odor and a pleasing personality are important in being a gentleman, wearing gentlemanly clothes is also an essential part of it. If you dress up like a gentleman, around 50% of you could become a gentleman instantly. It will also impress women and all others around you.

Listed below are some tips which help one in acting like a gentleman:

  • Dress up like a gentleman: This does not require you to invest in very costly clothing. Just make sure you wear good quality shoes. Do not wear clothes which are stained, torn, creased or ill-fitted. Wear clothes which make you confident and do not overdress for any occasion.
  • Be courteous and gentle when you talk to a woman: Be cautious about your speech, your choice of words and your tone. Do not disrespect the lady and do not using abusing language. Make eye contact with her and never stare at her body parts.
  • Learn how to shake your hand: A hand shake should be firm and brief and strong. Never crush the fingers or the palm of the person while shaking hands and always make eye contact. If the other person does not offer their hand for a shake, simply nod your head as a greeting.
  • Make polite conversation: Do not talk about matters which are rude, gross or loud until unless started by the other person or only if you know the person too well. Make small talk and show interest in the other person’s doings.
  • Posture: Do not slouch or lean on a woman. A slouching man can look utterly gross and ill-mannered. Being gentlemanly has a lot to do with your erect posture and confidence. Slouching also depicts low confidence. Do not lean on any women as it is considered rude.
  • Cleanliness: Along with keeping yourself clean, keep your belongings and area around you clean too. Do not trash or pile up unused things around you. Always be well-groomed, clean and hygienic. Use deodorants to prevent foul body odor.
  • Dinner rules: If invited by someone over dinner or lunch, help the host to clear the table and do not sit idly while the person clears the table. For your first date always offer to pay first. Pull out the coat of the woman and hang it on the chair behind her.
  • Always stand while being greeted: Whenever a woman approaches you to talk or greet, make sure you stand and talk. Always offer your seat to women, children or elderly people on public transport.


All these above mentioned tips should come naturally to you and by habit. Do not fake it as women easily come to know if you fake it. These and some more are rules to act and behave like a gentleman. Teach your boys about these rules so that they grow up to be fine gentlemen. This will also help you earn the respect and appreciation of those around you. www.Gentleman.Clothing is a good site to help you dress up and groom yourselves like a gentleman. The company has good quality clothing, shoes, accessories and all that a gentleman requires to dress up.

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