5 common traits every gentleman possesses

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Not every man is alike. In fact what differentiates any man from a respected, honourable man is being a gentleman. The ‘gentleman’ is not just an abstract concept- it depends all upon a man’s traits and manners. We all learn manners as children, but only those who can adapt these manners as a way of personality, can mould themselves as ideal examples of greater, more virtuous traits such as true honour, respect, humility can be called gentlemen. It does not only depend on your traits, but as well as on the way you carry yourself, especially the kind of clothes you wear.

Here are 5 traits every gentleman possesses.

  1. Respect

If one cannot respect others as equals or superior to them, one cannot be called a gentleman. Treat others with the same respect you want to receive. It will not make you respectable in others’ eyes, it will make everyone around you comfortable and desirous of your company. You should be completely respectful towards women as well and should treat her properly. Also, listening to others is very important. So is complimenting them and thereby creating a circle of respect and camaraderie.


  1. Poise

A common trait every gentleman should possess is poise. If a man has to jump about or raise his voice in order to be heard that does not give him any credits. A gentleman should be calm and composed and express himself in a controlled manner; it is his personality that will make itself heard, will make people respond to his authority even in a chaotic environment.


  1. Good Manners

Manners are everything for a proper gentleman. A respectable man never uses foul language, eats properly- observing all the right table manners, keeps up with all the expected social etiquettes like, showing respect, being punctual, never grooming in public, maintaining proper decorum of his appearance. Above all, a gentleman should never allow his emotions to get the better of him in the public eye.


  1. Proper Attire

Dressing sense goes a long way towards showing your personality. Wear neatly pressed shirts, vests, Ascot ties, suits - clothes that assert your confidence but it should never be something over the top. Do carry accessories to accentuate your look- watches, bracelets, rings, bags, suitcases, pocket squares or handkerchiefs. Visit the Gentleman store to stock up properly on different suitable outfits for different kinds of events, including special occasions like weddings etc.


  1. Humility

The secret to success is always humility. Being polite to everyone is the first rule. In case of a mistake, a gentleman should never be too stubborn to apologize to anyone, in fact, it should be offered in earnest. Even if he has a lot of wealth, it is never humbling to display it. Instead, he should maintain his modesty. His speaking has to be humble as well.


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