What kind of tie to wear depending on the occasion?

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It is always good to talk about ties; after all, they are the most beautiful part of men’s attire. No matter what is your profession; when it is about getting gentleman looks then you have to wear a tie. They look fine for every occasion, for office meetings, weddings, interviews and even for night outs to add a classy touch to your personality. But the fact is that they are able to create impact only when they are worn accurately

There are so many ways to tie a tie but most of the people are unaware of them. The article below will provide you an idea of some of the most popular tie wearing styles so that you can add more elegance to your look every time with a new technique.

The Four Hand Tie:

This is the most popular one and is followed for most formal occasions. They are appreciated by all and the best part is that these ties come in endless patterns, colors, widths and material options. Further, the unique style of knots can add more beauty to its appearance.

Skinny Necktie:

It is a variation of four hand tie and they gained real popularity in 50’s or 60’s. People loved wearing them when they have to be on the stage but these days, the skinny ties are commonly used for routine office days. They are capable enough to create wonderful impact for night outs and in order to get a catchy look, you can also prefer to wear them with jeans.

Bow Tie:

Everyone must have heard this name because they are one of the most attractive alternatives to routine ties and look really amazing on format parties. The south-eastern states follow this tradition blindly and they often prefer this tie with a seersucker suit. You can wear them with lots of amazing settings to create a different impact even for routine wear.

Bolo Tie:

These ties became more popular in 70’s and till now they are first preference of baby boomers. This stylish collection of ties is essential for your wardrobe as they have returned to the market with their full influence again.


Here is a big variation in the tie wearing style. These ties are not knotted rather they are pinned in a specific style to enhance the cool looks. They look awesome on formal occasions and are a major part of military uniforms.


Most of you might have ignored this style for several years but they are popular for their uniformity and uniqueness. They are not the real part of formal wear but one can plan to dress up with this tying style on casual occasions.

Full Windsor:

It is definitely the most attractive tie knot with a perfect size that looks stunning on parties. You will find them an exclusive option for the dressy events and they are also useful for the formal get together.

Now, you are aware of all awesome tie and knot styles so it will be much easier to dress up in unique attire for an upcoming office party. 

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