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It is a very sexist concept of our society where it is strongly believed that style and accessories are concerned with the female sex whereas men can go hay while with their unhygienic and disastrous sense of fashion. It is extremely sensible and praise worthy if a person, despite their gender, knows how to make a presentable approach to various situations. The other major misconception one possesses that to have a style statement you need to spend a lot off your pockets. This is completely untrue. Proper styling does not essentially mean to wear expensive brands, it is the art to present yourself in the combination of the items you own in the most presentable and attractive manner. It is the mature sense of an individual to understand what situation would require what kind of an outfit backed by the kind of gentleman accessories. This article majorly concerns to all those men who desire or are trying to enhance their style statements or dressing sense at once! Here are some very basic ideas to dressing up as a gentleman.

  • Buttoning
    Try and understand the relationship between buttons and the kind of message they tend to give. To button your court as the lowest one is a sign of extreme callousness, hence never do that. You can completely button it to maintain complete formality and the half way can suggest a semi formal and a cooler approach.
  • Tie-matcher
    The gentlest yet stylish way is to give yourself a trendy look by dressing up with contrasting ties to that of your shirt. Ties are a compulsory part of your formals or gentleman outlook. So, instead of going by a matching one (which is not at all trendy in the present times) go for an attractive contrast color to be absolutely an eye catcher!
  • The roller technique
    Know the exact equation of rolling the sleeves up. It is almost like an art. Trace the button on your sleeve and first unbutton it. Take the shape of the given margin and fold it gently up to the arms and button it down to the hole there. Remember to fold in shape so that the rolls look tidy and smart. Untidy rolls of the sleeves again describe a person to be careless and improper at a gathering.
  • Shoes
    Always remember to invest proper money on good shoes. Shoes are not only a style statement but also the major source of comfort to an individual. Try to follow basic colors when it comes to the choice of shoes so that they more or less go along with all kinds of shirts and suits. Shoes are better if matched with the suit. Hence think carefully of the major colors your wardrobe possesses before buying shoes.
  • Glasses
    It is important to understand what kind of glasses would suit on your face. For example, if you have more of a round face, over sized or angular face would look the best. Understanding this would solve half the mystery and the rest depends on choosing the kind of shade depending on the event you are attending.

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