The Basic Pocket Square and Handkerchief Rules

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“Not everything in the world needs to be functional; sometimes it is all about style”! This statement fits perfect to the pocket squares. Many people in the earth believe that pocket squares are just a foreign element added to the attire and there is no use of this unnecessary piece of fabric. But, when you go through the rules of the fashion industry, you will understand how this tiny piece of non-functional fabric adds more value to your personality.

Well! First of all, let me ask you an important question; Do you feel that pocket squares and handkerchiefs are the same? If yes! It is high time to get rid of this myth because they both are different and have their own importance in your attire. Where on the one side, the handkerchiefs are one of the most functional accessories for routine needs, pocket squares are a tiny piece of fabric that people put into the pocket of their blazer by folding them into unique shapes. However, it is true that you must have both of them in your wardrobe and they must be a part of your formal attire.

When we talk about the fabric of handkerchief, they are often preferred in the cotton material because this fabric goes softer with age and people find it more suitable to use on their skin. Some people even look for the cheaper collection, and they end up buying polyester blend, but it has a shorter lifespan as compared to the 20 to 25-year service range of cotton handkerchiefs. On the other side, pocket squares are often preferred in silk material; note that this material cannot be considered a good choice for a handkerchief. Other difference between both these accessories is that pocket squares are generally smaller in size because they are desired to fit into the pocket without creating a bulge. But handkerchiefs are desired to be larger in size to serve their purpose.

There are few essential rules that you need to follow for pocket squares; however, handkerchiefs are not restricted in conditions:

  • The pocket square should not have color same as your tie; however, it can complement other accessories.
  • If you are serious about your style, it is better to wear a pocket square and tie to all formal occasions.
  • There are so many ways to put a pocket square into your pocket, but it must essentially match your mood.

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