Making Selection of Classic Ties With Variable Width Trends

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Trends keep on updating, and people keep on struggling hard to maintain a pace with the change. As the style norms shift, the man starts looking for the modern ways to enhance his personality. But when we talk about the tie width, there is rarely an influence of fashion. Moreover, the selection for classic neckties is made as per the appearance of an individual, and when it suits the personality, it naturally reflects the best fashion sense.

If we talk about the current trend for tie width, the range from 2.25 inches to 3.25 inches is more acceptable for most males. Or we can say that it is the safe zone because the wider ties can make you look like a creature influenced by past and the super narrow version can make a part of the future. When you want to maintain a pace with the present, it is better to select best tie width but note that this selection must be completely based on your body type.

Here are few tips and tricks for making a selection of classic ties with variable width trends:

Skinny Men-Slim Tie:

If you are a person with a narrow torso and small chest, it is better to look for the narrower width of ties. It is considered as best choice because the wider tie does not give a justified look on the skinny guy and will even look wider than it is in actual. That is why it is recommended to choose a slim/skinny tie with width somewhere between 2.25 to 2.75 inches. Many youngsters even dare to wear 2.0 inches tie that looks perfect on a slender gent, but for few, it may also add a hipster or retro look.

Athletic Men- Average Tie:

In case if you are a guy with athletic to average build, feel free to wear a tie ranging anywhere between 2.25 inches to 3.25 inches. You are lucky enough to choose something as per your personal taste, but it is important to mention that the wider ties usually appear more conservative with a classic appeal whereas the narrower ones are charming and youthful.

Large Men – Broad Tie:

Guys with wider chest need wider ties to look handsome and attractive. If you are blessed with a chest of a professional bodybuilder or a sumo wrestler, the skinny ties will add a comical look to your personality. It is better to choose ties between 2.75 to 3.25 inches width to leave a remarkable impression on everyone.

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