Know The Basic Difference Between Suits and Tuxedo

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While discussing dress codes for men, we often talk about dinner jackets, tuxedos, and suits. For many, all these garments may appear the same, but in actual, they have several key differences. So, if you are going out shopping to get something unique for an upcoming occasion, first, it is important to know how they differ and which one will suit you best. This article will help you understand the basics about suits and tuxedos; keep reading:

Key points about Tuxedo:

  • Tuxedos are well known as semi-formal garments that are more suitable for evenings only.
  • The most preferred colors of tuxedos are midnight blue and black.
  • They are often paired with bow tie and plain bottom trousers or plain front trousers.
  • Tuxedos are designed with a shawl collar or peak lapels.
  • They usually have facings on buttons, out seams, pockets, and
  • Either single breasted with one button or 6x2 double-breasted
  • French cuffs and white shirt with a bib.

Key points about Suit:

  • Suits are formal wear that can be worn for both day and evening timings.
  • You need not worry about facings, and any classic color can be used.
  • Prefer bowtie or necktie with any button stance.
  • Wear cuffed or plant bottoms.
  • Plain or pleated front and peak or notched lapels.

While talking about the differences between tuxedos and suits, it is important to note that tuxedos are all about minimization-elimination and maximization of simplicity. The tuxedo jackets don’t even have flaps, and their trousers as well are designed without pleats and cuffs. At the same time, their color palette is also quite limited.

On the other side, suits try to add a handsome, tidy and neat appearance to the personality of the wearer. There are several options for colors and patterns. You can have trousers with cuffed, pleated or fishtail back as per your choice. A person can choose to wear a necktie or even a bow tie with a suit as the selection completely depends upon the type of occasion he is going to attend.

The true fact is that you don’t have a choice to break the dressing rule with tuxedo because they are known for their fixed style and grace; if you do so, it will reflect your lack of knowledge about this wearable. But, suits allow you to create a mash-up of style and choice at times. You can find the best collections of Suits & Tuxedos at


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